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Welcome to my holistic health website. This website is dedicated to describing in detail my complimentary/alternative health consulting practice. Please navigate by clicking on the words in the graphic above.

Education will take you to a listing of the degrees and certifications that I have received over the years. Keep in mind that my education never stops...I study constantly and belong to professional organizations that keep abreast of cutting edge research and studies in the complimentary/alternative health field.

Contact will tell you how to get in touch with me, and also give information on how I conduct my consultations.

Modalities provides brief descriptions of the many methods that have been used to help clients with various complaints and what you may expect from them. It also gives outlines of some of the research I have done for many disorders in addition to exceptional research references. AT PRESENT THIS PHASE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION - I AM CONSTANTLY ADDING NEW MODALITIES,but, it's a long process. PLEASE SEE WHAT I'VE DONE SO FAR, and contact me if you have any questions.

Links gives a listing of websites that can provide more details about some of the various modalities used and sources for some of the suggestions.

The main focus of my practice is to teach and instruct. I can't, in all good conscience, tell you to just "take this" and let it go at that. I will educate you on what, how, when and why you might consider specific recommendations. I will give you several options to choose from in order that you may take part in the formation of current and future decisions since I am of the belief that one should never stay on the same health protocol longterm. In the best interest of health and immunity, it has always been found that the cycling of nutritional supplements and herbs is most effective. It is not my goal to have you rely on me indefinitely..... Should that be the case, then I am not doing my job of educating you and empowering you to take control of your own health. We will discuss your long-term goals, then I will guide you in how best to achieve those goals. I will not attempt to treat any symptoms you have - rather, my suggestions will be aimed at rebalancing and correcting nutritional deficiencies and incorporating positive lifestyle changes in order to promote health. As a "holistic" (whole body) practitioner, I will be discussing your medical history with you. It is also very helpful to know as much about your parents' and siblings' medical history as you care to tell me. I use this information to attempt to get to the very core of your problem. Once we find this core issue, we can together devise a holistic protocol involving the whole body. This is the only effective way to address a problem, and to maintain health. All systems of the body work together in harmony. To single out and focus on only one puts the others further out of balance.


I am going to try to do some tiny tidbits in segments for a while. Over the last 6 months, I have been researching the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. There were several reasons for me to do this, and I will not go into it at this point; suffice it to say that my research has been eye-opening. For how many decades have mainstream medicine and nutrition been guiding us (forcing us) to cut out all saturated fat and eat as low fat as possible. All the while, the country, nea, the world, has been getting obese. The Paleo/Primal lifestyle is not anything new. It is simply going back to eating as we did before the AMA and the FDA got involved in dietary recommendations. This goes well back to the early 1900's and before. When people used to use lard to cook with and didn't eat lean meat or poultry without the skin. In fact, lean meat was considered inferior. Coincidentally, back then, there was not the obesity as there is now; there was not the heart disease that there is now; there were not the mental issues that there are now. People did not eat low fat anything. If a product is touted as being low-fat now, you can rest assured that the satiating, good tasting fat that has been taken out has been replaced with sugars, artificial flavors, and most terrible, carbohydrates. Lo and behold, after years of comprehensive and clinical studies, it is now known, without a doubt, that the cause of obesity and heart disease is over-consumption of refined carbohydrates....pastas, breads, rice - any starches or sugars. The resulting culprit of this over-consumption is insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone; a growth hormone. Eating starches and sugars causes the release of insulin which, in turn, causes those carbohydrates to be stored as fat AND to NOT be used as energy. Hence, it sits there. Now, you might think, "well, if fat is so good, I'll just start eating lots of fat and not really worry about cutting out my starches and sugars". Kind of - "have your cake, and eat it, too". Well, that's not the way it works. The ideal way to structure your diet is - high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbs. Those carbs need to always be from above ground vegetables and a few low glycemic fruits, such as berries and cherries. IF you should decide to eat high fat without eliminating the starches and sugars, it will still cause an insulin spike and, in turn, store all of that fat on your belly and it will not be available for energy. In other words, you can exercise all you want, but, it will not be used as energy. It will sit there, and you will eventually become obese.

This has simply been a brief synopsis of my research. Over the last 5 months, I have been switching to Paleo/Primal. It hasn't been that difficult for me; when I make up my mind to do something for my health, I do it. I have no health issues, but, I like to experiment on myself before I recommend anything to my family or people who ask me for advice. I am in the process of working with my family now, to help them make the conversion. You absolutely have to get a different mindset when you do this. The horrors of saturated fat and cholesterol have been shoved down our throat for so long, it is ingrained in our psyche. Eating and cooking Paleo/Primal is wonderful; the food is so tasty. Just knowing that it is actually good for you to eat satisfying, tasty food is an amazing feeling. One thing I need to mention is "food choices". Know that it is always best to eat organic, free-range meats. Non-organic meats/poultry are exposed to toxic hormones, pesticides, and steroids which usually deposit in the fat. For some people,however, it is not possible to eat organic. In that case, it is usually recommended that you buy as lean meat and poultry as affordable and add good coconut oil or butter to the preparation. Eggs are another excellent Paleo/Primal food. Most grocery stores are now carrying organic eggs or cage free eggs; I've bought them at Walmart, of all places! Try to stay away from conventional eggs because of the sources of grains given the chickens. Another wonderful food that DOES NOT NEED TO BE ORGANIC is avocados. They are the perfect food. I will try to update my website links to the online sources I have found for my foods and oils. There are good ones out there. As time goes on, I will give you updates on this experience. There are awesome Paleo recipe books and blogs online. I've been converting a lot of my own recipes to Paleo/Primal, too. Hope this puts a little "bug in your bonnet" about the benefits of fat.... the good fat - Olive oil, butter, coconut oil, lard, tallow; NEVER the bad fats - refined vegetable oils (canola, soy, corn, etc). Dr. Robert Atkins has finally been vindicated. It's too bad that he is not alive to bask in his glory. He was crucified during his lifetime for trying to promote the very best lifestyle for his patients. A lifestyle that studies are now showing are the most beneficial for health and well-being.


The beauty of holistic health is that every person is treated
as the individual that they truly are.

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